About the Coalition

Who is the Muskegon Health Disparities Coalition?

About Us

The Muskegon Health Disparities Coalition is a central information center to help with referrals for people encountering health disparities. We are a coalition of organizations that have come together with the goal of making sure all people in Muskegon County live the longest, healthiest lives possible, with quality medical outcomes. We want individuals and advocates to call us for help so we can direct them to the resources and options they need in order to live healthier lives.

The Muskegon HDC is also about raising awareness on the topics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. We encourage all businesses and organizations to be intentional in recruiting and hiring, to ensure your staff reflects the community, culture and population you serve. Is your service delivery technique appropriate for your clientele, etc.?

Call "2-1-1"

By simply dialing 2-1-1, those in need of assistance are referred, and sometimes connected, to appropriate agencies and community organizations.

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